the triptych game

a game about a triptych and 500 years.

The Triptych Game is a living & breathing, interactive triptych where the player navigates a dense environment and encounters characters and objects – all of which are inspired by the works of Bosch.

This triptych exists in real time where time of day affects its status. This is part of a cycle that will last for 500 years to contrast desires of instant gratification. Simple controls manipulate the camera to pan & zoom. The player, by panning/zooming/clicking, embodies the hand of god.

Made w/ Brian S. Chung for the JB500 Foundation.

Handpainted artwork creates the world.

Play the demo here.

Read more about the game’s development.

Exhibited at:
October 26-27, Playing the Game: Milan, Italy
October 22-23, GameCity: Nottingham, United Kingdom
October 11-13, Stedelijk Museum: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
September 24, NYC Games Forum: New York City, USA
September 14, Boston Festival of Indie Games: Boston, USA
September 3, IGDA NJ Arcade & Demo Night: Hoboken, USA

The triptych at night is closed. Players must wait until morning, when the triptych is open, to explore the world.