a mobile game about controlling an uncontrollable population.


Made during EcoJam along with a team of scientists from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS).

The player is in charge of managing the balance of capital resources on LumpyLand, an extraterrestial colonization, and is simply told to not let what happened on Earth happen again on LumpyLand.

It’s a fast-paced resource management game that’s more about the frenzy than it is about the strategy. People multiply like rabbits, and even more people are rocketed in to LumpyLand from Earth.

Your settlement starts with a hamlet and grows to become a village –> town –> … –> ecumenopolis. The flow of the gameplay illustrates how explosive and unrestricted population growth can make the balance of capitals more and more difficult to manage. Your score is counted in the number of years that your civilization sustains before its inevitable collapse.



Made w/ Brian S. Chung