carried away

a game about layers and walls


As the player, you control a dot moving from left to right using the mouse. Avoid hitting walls as they delay your progress. These mistakes trigger the user’s webcam – it’s a surprise that breaks the player out of playing the game. The player is suddenly very aware of the spectators around them – watching their every move. This game was intended to be played in a large setting where the player is surrounded by people – most of them being strangers.


The visuals of the game reflect the setting the game’s development. The background is a stop motion-like sequence of New York City and the view you’d see when on the top floor of the New Museum, giving a sense of place to the game. (The magenta color is an error in the camera itself. We liked the effect and continued with it.)


Made w/ Brian S. Chung

Sponsored by Kill Screen, Pitchfork, and Intel

At the New Museum