the universe within

a game about our recursive universe.

Inspired by The Powers of 10. You are a circle falling through the layers of your universe. Fall through the cosmos –> earth –> human –> … –> atomic only to find yourself back into the cosmos.

Use left and right arrow keys or, if supported, your device’s accelerometer to avoid objects flying past you. Getting hit sends you flying backwards, resetting your progress, and placing you back to your beginning.


The assets were hand drawn on paper and scanned in. Each level’s environment was themed around the layers from cosmos to atomic.

Each background also has it’s own correlating sound – birds, piano, humming, heartbeats- they were all recorded around the area of the game jam by Brian.

Made in 48 hrs for Global Game Jam w/ 
Shawn A Allen, Brian S. Chung, Jordan Joyner, Vikram Subramanian