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fermenting tree lungwort & assets

lungwort will produce a rust color pigment.

— 24 hrs later —

shown are samples of the same lichen fermented in two different solutions.

left: in dmso (dimethyl sulfoxide)- which is a by product of paper making
right: in ammonia

the pigments are very diluted but there is a visible difference between the two solutions in that they produce complementary colors. the pigment being extracted in the ammonia solution is the favorable one.

one thing asked from the fungus class about the pigment process is the use of ammonia because it seems out of place in my preference for natural materials. an alternative would be urine- which is quite a common alternative.

i am very curious as to how the pigment will turn out but will need to overcome a small hurdle.


some character design progress:

playing with moths, faces, symmetry…

moth studies

drawing details to help with simplification.

printing code – midterm

brian s chung’s dynamic logo.

based on the chinese characters used for his middle name.

fungus – final presentation

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