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– small footsteps


A recycled process dump.

final project

i want to do a project based on john cage’s chance-determined prints using woodblock and copperplate etching methods.

an example of one of the prints from his series, Déreau:

using dice or making a randomizing processing sketch, the numbers determined will dictate my process and the composition of the print.

my concern is that the work will be very analog. the aspect of design and creating a system for designing will be present but i don’t want to make a processing sketch just to make a processing sketch for the class.

What is the content you’re designing?

chance-determined prints using woodblock and copperplate etching.

What is the intended form of your project?

– single print*
* ideally a series of 3 prints

What are your constraints?

– 6 preset rules
– 6 preset shapes
– 3 colors

almost final ink batches

same lungwort, different pH.

random and morris louis

using morris louis’s work as my reference.

and being [a little] braver with color.


round shapes were used for the character to directly contrast itself to the predators.

round shapes also lend themselves to more neotenous look- therefore giving it a “cute” appearance.


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